Monday, May 26, 2014

Where I Dream …

You can have dreams without work, but they will never come to fruition without work.

Occasional periods of drudgery have risen throughout this build.  A few days ago I hit one of those "bumps" and had to walk away from the boat for a bit. The sanding and faring was getting to me, but what really slapped me was a warped centerboard. It went from a straight and true foil after glassing one side, but the second side glassing created a potato chip. I had added graphite to the epoxy for lubrication purposes and I expect the black heat sink got too much sun when I turned my back. I'm not sure if I can remove the glass to correct it or more quickly just start over. So, we went for a paddle.

Along the James.

The kayak trip restored a better outlook, but I wasn't ready for the board or more sanding so, I lay the spars and sails in the backyard, studied how to lace and add controls, and finally raised the sails. That sent me dreaming again. Now I can face the drudgery again.

Laying out.

Needs downhaul tension.

Too tight on yard outhaul.

Mizzen lacing. Boomkin not yet installed.

Trailing wake.

A rose.
 While I did not complete the running rigging entirely, I have got it all figured out. The process was an enjoyable puzzle. And, I really love the simplicity of this rig. I believe she will be light, fast, and responsive.  (A decent centerboard will probably help too.) 

Lastly, I sold my Penguin dinghy yesterday. Watching the new owner haul her out the driveway was a sad moment. She is a boat that's beautiful from all sides, but her insides and outs needed a new coat of varnish and fresh black paint. The truth is she hadn't left the shed for maybe 5 years and deserved to be loved better. The proceeds will provide a new trailer for the new love. Selling a boat and a trailer for a trailer somehow doesn't sound equitable.

Anyhow, here is to "Tar Baby". Someone told me you couldn't have a boat named that nowadays. Really? What is the world coming to? Ignorance for all?

Tar Baby!! Moving on a wisp.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Brooklin, Maine (aka Boat Heaven)

The boat progresses. The foils are being glassed and the interior is getting a coat of epoxy. There are loads of small details I won't get  into. I just wanted to post a few pics from the weekend. After Friday night seats at Fenway, my middle son and I rented a car and headed north. We saw beautiful boats in Rockport, Camden,  and Belfast. We lingered longest in Brooklin, Maine where the Wooden Boat School resides and where Doug Hylan has a boatyard. Here are a few images.

Belfast- French & Webb renovation.

Camden schooner.

Boston- Rose.

Cape Dory.

12 1/2

Camden schooner.

Awaiting sponsors.

Ultralite canoe.

Cedar stack.

Carvel and steamed ribs.


Old and new.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stuck in the 5%

What do they say about the time required for the last 5% of a job? Well, I'm in the thick of it.

Both decks are on. Hatches are glassed inside and out (I feared stepping through the stripped maple).
In order to hide a lot of the hardware associated with the hatches, piano hinges are installed and a pull string secures the hatch through a grommet manufactured from a brass hose barb cut and chamfered. I prefer hardware store items over pricey boat store items.

Aft hatch and deck with secure line with cam cleat.
Gasket will be installed to underside of hatch.

Lashing line lead through eye and hole in bulkhead.
The mizzen mast deck collar and cleat bases are epoxied in place. The bases are echoes of the double ender.

Cleat base and collar before epoxy.
Main mast partners and foredeck coaming are now screwed and glued.

Coaming and partners.

Hatch with epoxy glass shine.
A 1" drain is now in the bottom of the boat. This will aid in clean up after those future trips. A brass tube is epoxied through the bottom. Two different plugs were purchased. One is a compression lever. The other is a screw fitting. One will serve as a spare.

Drain plugs.

With the arrival of the sails from Douglas Fowler, the subtleties of spar bee holes, thumb cleats, and jamb cleats can be addressed.

A centerboard and a few shear knees are all that remain to be manufactured.

… the beat goes on.