Monday, February 4, 2013

Reason for a Toast

 This evening I spent about an hour shaping the outer bow stem. I had hoped to have done so yesterday prior to the Superbowl, but the epoxy between the laminations was not setting. Oddly enough it wasn't until I took this shot tonight that I realized ... I HAVE A BOAT! So, with a little help I popped the hull off the forms. Nothing cracked. She weighs 18 lbs 8 oz. This is prior to any scraping of the interior or sanding at all. I expect to lose a few pounds still (from the boat that is).

I am absolutely thrilled. This is cause for celebration. The last pic speaks for itself. Cheers!

Starboard bow

Interior looking aft

Port stern quarter

Port bow. A beauty.

It's a  Blue Moon!


  1. Quite a beauty already! Very, very nice.

  2. Thanks Barry! When I lowered my head to gaze along the interior I imagined a Melonseed. I know the deck will have its own challenges, but I'm over the "can I do it" phase. I'm jacked really.