Wednesday, December 18, 2013

That Plank

Whiskey Plank
Effort in and of itself can generate a sense of accomplishment, that a project is moving forward. There are, however, certain milestones that are particularly rewarding. Yesterday afternoon the last plank, the whiskey plank, was mounted and permanently cemented to join all those that came before it. A glass was raised in celebration and long views were attempted out in the driveway looking back into the cavern of the garage. The frame will grow wheels today and the boat will see daylight. I want a 360 degree inspection at proper distances before attaching the gunwales.

Here are a few of the cutting out process and the scarfs which should stain and finish nicely.

Port and starboard whiskey curves

typical scarf

You can tell the end grain of the ply soaked up some epoxy (can't be avoided), but a light stain should reduce the joint's visibility.

Screws are inside the rub strake's footprint.
quarter view

bow view

Despite all her pocked screw holes, I think she is looking good. Now the beginning stages of finishing can begin.

The stems have been laminated for some time. Would have been nice to have a functional band saw to cut their taper to the keel, but the hand saw got it done ... eventually.

Jack plane bevelled the sides.

The belt sander with 80 grit did the initial smoothing. That's that. More next time.


  1. Congrats! Well done, and a milestone for sure.

  2. Well, thanks! I'm expecting to sail along with a Melonseed at the end of this project. Merry Christmas-