Wednesday, December 3, 2014

UNA Shines In Small Boats Monthly

Small Boats Monthly is an imprint of WoodenBoat magazine. I met its editor Chris Cunningham at MASCF this past Fall. When he said he'd like to highlight UNA in his digital publication, I was flattered.
Here is December's issue and my boat is at the bottom of the page. Very cool.

photo by:
In addition to the recognition is a review article I wrote for Navlites portable navigation lights. Mag subscription is $3 a month. I've enjoyed the tips and products focused on our little boats.

Take a look-


  1. Way to go Eddie! Now we need an article so everyone can see the details.

  2. Hey Curt! Thank you. I've been enjoying your painting of late. I'll have to check out the Mathews gallery. Do you know Gary Edmonds? He has exhibited there too. His work reminds me a bit of the Dutch mastesr.