Monday, September 9, 2013

A Little More and a Little Less

The hard turn of the shear to deck took several 1/4" strips as I recall.

Sweet lines for such a well behaved boat.

Just a couple pics my daughter ( A Girl Named Leney ) took that I liked of the boat (and some dude with hairy legs).  I continue to make small improvements to the details, but they are slight and I've maybe 20+ hours in the boat now.

I recently sold "Chica", my Classic Moth. Felt like a traitor, but she was really too narrow for my 200 #s. I may build another down the road. Wonderful, light 75# hulls, and responsive open class boats (if it fits in the rule box, its a Moth). Still basically a garage built class, the Moth evolved into a taller rig to become the International Moth. I sailed such as a teen. At 14 I could pick it up from the beach or lawn and walk it to the water solo. They would require your constant hand as they capsized if left alone, but boy were they fast. Those boats grew hydrofoils and now skip across the surface like a water bugs. Anyhow, here are some shots of old Chica:


  1. Nice, sad to see it go, but there are clearly more lovely boats on the way.

  2. Yes Barry, I guess that is how it should go. FYI: at the risk of ridicule, I started an Oughtred "Sooty Tern" a few weeks ago. As a clinker ply boat, it should be relatively quick. I've already got the keelson glued to the stems and I'm ready for planking. Ply arrived last week. I know I have a Melonseed in me too. I'm hooked on these builds. There is something about hand planing those cedar strips!

    I blame those Port Townsend wooden boat "nuts" for the detour. Not sure I'll blog it. If so, it will likely be a reduced documentation. Anyway, don't judge me too hard there.

    Looks like you have had some terrific travels. Been enjoying the write ups.